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Goyder’s EC Competition Law

Автор: Kobra200

21 Июл 2018 в 21:34

Goyder’s EC Competition Law



Goyder’s EC Competition Law is firmly established as a classic text on this area of law. The emergence of competition law has been one of the most important features of the EC and has had a significant impact on many aspects of UK business and economic life. This book provides a full account of its development since the inception of the EC in 1957. Competition law is a complex and often highly technical subject which the authors have unlocked by exploring its historical origins and early developments before illustrating the main areas of substantive law. Covering all of the major areas studied on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the book contains not only a full account of the substantive law and its social, political and economic context, but also a penetrating assessment of its practical effectiveness and likely future development. Topics covered in this new, revised, fifth edition, include: — the Modernisation of the Enforcement of the EC Competition rules — the new Block Exemption Regulations on Motor Vehicle and Distribution, and Technology Transfer Agreements — the Commission review of Article 82 EC — the new Merger Regulation — recent developments in international aspects of EC competition law.

Издатель: Oxford University Press


Серия: Oxford European Community Law Library


Страниц: 1

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Молодцы, а то книги дорого стоят )))
21 минута назад
Искала "Goyder's EC Competition Law" - здесь скачала без проблем, быстро и качество хорошее.
7 часов назад
Спасибки! Вы лучшие.
22 часа назад
Спасибки ;)
1 день назад
Хороший поиск по сайту. Нашел Goyder's EC Competition Law. Скачал без проблем.
13 дней назад

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